Linken Observatorium & Utkikkstårn på Offersøy

This is the next adventure offer for our guests. “Linken” observatory & Lookout Tower are located on a hill, approx. 200 meters away from the main building. In this renovated former military command-post one obtains a fantasic 360 degrees view! The mountains of the Lofoten Islands or Lapland. The Strandsind or the Ofotfjord. Stetind – Norway’s National Mountain – and the Tysfjord. Tilthorn, Tarnøy Lighthouse and the Hammaroymountains! Every attraction can be admired from here – better than anywhere else in Offersoy!

Traditional binoculars, telescope binoculars and telescopes are available at the observation tower. In addition to this, we suspend relevant information about the norwegian nature in our local, to make your adventure instructive as well as pleasurable.

“Linken” can also be used as a very special conference room, or as a room for various events. Also available is a small apartment, with the opportunity for an overnight-stay and self-catering.

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