Bike rental at Offersøy

There are indescribably beautiful opportunities for biking and touring in Vestbygd. Here you can ride your bike at your own pace, hike or take a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Many exciting destinations:

• Rinøya – Hestfjord, approx. 10-15 km eastwards
• Sjursholm, approx. 7-8 km eastwards
• Ytterstadtind (442 moh), approx. 5 km to the starting point
• Around Offersøy, approx. 5-6 km at close range
• The ”Park”, Voje-area with the „Møllevollen Farm Cheese Dairy“ and the Vestbygd Church, approx. 10-12 km westwards
• Hustad (farm), Hustadtind (372 moh), Artscape Nordland, approx. 15-16 km westwards
• Annfinnslett and Øksneshamn/Øksfjord, approx. 20-25 km westwards

We’ve got a limited number of bicycles for hire.

If you plan a cycling holiday to or from the Lofoten Islands, we are happy to accommodate you with a boat transport between Vestbygda (Offersøy or Øksneshamn) and Storfjell, Digermulen or the Holand-harbour – This is one of the most beautiful cycling routes to choose when planning a cycling holiday in this area.

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