Artscape Nordland Safari

The Artscape Nordland is an international art collection, which includes 33 pieces of art in as many municipalities. The Artscape Nordland arose in the period between 1992 – 1998, when artists all over the world made a contribution to this special art collection. All pieces of art have been placed outside, in the wild and beautiful landscape Nordland – an art gallery without walls or a roof but with a ground area of 40.000 km2. – And with a distance of more than 500 km between the nothernmost and the southernmost pieces of art!

„Eye in stone“ is the name of the sculpture, situated in the village of Lodingen. It is the product of a collaboration between the artist Anish Kapoor and Lodingen stone industry. The scultpure, a large block of stone, made of the 180 million year old Lodingen-monzonite (a granite), can be found in the mudflats at Hustad Farm, at a distance of approx. 15 km from the Vacation Centre Offersoy. At high tide the sea rises and fills up half of the polished space of the sculpture with water.

The position brings this present scultpure into a historical relief. In the same area you can find remains of old houses, and graves from the Viking period.

Walking along the nature trail from the Rv 837 and down to the surrounding ocean, one can admire both the sculpture and the history.

Artscape Nordland – Programme:


We can finally introduce a new week-long adventure programme, in which we take our guests to 10 of the art-pieces exhibited in the northern Nordland. We will approach the pieces by bus, boat or “with the horses of the apostles”, and the impressions will fill us with wonder, reflection and inspiration. In addition to this, the nature and culture will give us unique impressions at each location, whilst we move around in the exotic landscape.

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